Little Man Sweater

In an attempt to be stealth, I’ve kept quiet on this project, but as little man’s birthday was last week, he is now actually wearing the final result. And I am so so happy at how it turned out!

david sweater_completeMy friend M found this pattern for a cute little spring sweater with a tie on it. A TIE! And as if that weren’t preppy enough, I found the perfect blue and white marbled yarn and slapped a yellow tie on the sucker. He could pass for a legacy at my alma mater any day.

The pattern is super easy to follow – the trickiest part was creating the “hem.” Turns out I need two tries to appropriately pick up stitches (which really is no surprise as most every project I make I start at least twice). Once I was over that hump, the project was complete in less than three weeks with only a moderate amount of dedication.


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2 Responses to Little Man Sweater

  1. Karen says:

    This is the cutest! He looked so good in it. And I hope he still fits in it next year too.

  2. Dianne says:

    fingers crossed! tell him to stop growing. 😉

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